Almost 60 years ago my grandfather, Stewart Simonson bought my grandmother, Mary Jane, a simple gold bangle to commemorate their wedding anniversary and a meaningful family tradition was created. After her passing, Stewart passed Mary Jane's bracelets to her five children for each of them to continue the custom in their own marriages. And the tradition was embraced by the next generation of Simonsons.

We have shared this anniversary bracelet tradition with family and friends by gifting the first bangle to a bride on her wedding day for her spouse to add to each year. And now our hand made anniversary bangles are available to anyone wanting to create their own family tradition.

Every Yearly Co. piece is solid 14k gold, and durable to wear all day, everyday.

Each gold bangle represents a year of marriage.

The perfect gift. Year after year.

Meet the Maker: 

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The women in our family were searching for a reliable and quality source for our traditional 14K gold bangles. While pregnant with my second daughter, I took a metal working class at my alma mater, Vanderbilt University. I was fascinated by the skill and science involved in meltal-smithing and spent months learning and practicing how to solder gold. I now have a home studio in Nashville where I create each piece by hand, carrying on a piece of our family’s history.

I love to include new brides in our tradition as they begin their own stack. And I have been so happy to see women creating their own stacks to commemorate many special events in their lives from birthdays to the birth of children and grandchildren, or to signify any milestone of meaning.

I think jewelry is meant to be beautiful, well made, and meaningful. Worn day after day, year after year.



Photo courtesy of Brooke Boling Photography