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Sign up to pay monthly installments, auto-billed to your card. Your Yearly bangle will arrive 1-2 weeks before your anniversary, wrapped and ready to gift. 

You'll have the chance to choose your style and details each year, to build your dream collection without breaking the bank or forgetting to order in time. 

Start your Yearly subscription with a sizing kit to know your perfect fit. 

If you sign up after your anniversary date, your payments will be divided over the months remaining in the year. You'll get an email on your next anniversary to review your purchase, and decide on your next year's bangle. 

You can also choose to "catch up" with multiple bangles in your set of divided payments. For a mix of styles and customization please email for a quote and custom invoice.


Please complete the form below and you'll receive a custom invoice by email within 3-4 days. Each payment will be due monthly on the date of your anniversary. 

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